Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy and Fun!

Outdoor Beading and Jewelry Making

Materials- Crafting Wire/Pipe Cleaners and Different types of beads

For me June is all about jumping around! My daughter has just finished school, starting camp, weekend vacationing, barbecuing, beaches you name it. But it's a great time for summer crafting. Yesterday I was running out the house to get to the park early but had time to grab some wire, beads and pipe cleaners in my bag. Why I feel this is such a great summer craft? You bring it anywhere! And it's guaranteed to make you friends. As we sat on our blanket beading necklaces and bracelets curious kids couldn't help but to come over and wanna join in. 

This is great for picnics, bonding and haha great for calming your kid after a exciting sugar filled day.

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