Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Shells

What To Do With All Those Summer Shells!!??

 Ideas For Decorating With Shells- Glass Candle holders, Bowls, Baskets and Flower Pots

After a long day at the beach we come home with sand in our shoes and a bucket full of shells. I always have a great time trying to figure out what to do with them. I love shells their so pretty and come in different shapes and sizes. They also hold precious memories of walking on the beach or bay.

I think I've pretty much mastered what to do with shells haha. I've put them in baskets in the bathroom, old brick or brack, glass bowls or tall glass candle holders. In the summer I put them in the bathroom and it gives it a beach feel and my guest love it, they think I'm so crafty. haha And for last minute decorating I put them in a bowl with water and light candels for dinner time.

*Julia loves to place them in the garden around flowers and in pots. And I think later on we'll try to paste googly eyes to make some shell people. ( I'll try to post some pictures and show how that turned out :)

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