Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

A New Leaf

Where do I begin? Well alot has happened for me and to me. But all for the best. I'm continuing to work on art and pursue new projects. But my heart keeps pulling me in different directions. I have a strong connection with myself, spirituality, nature, music, art, life and people. So I see alot of travel and self learning in my future. And I hope to keep you posted as I create and grow.

Yes Spring has Sprung! Finally!! It was a pretty long winter and we were so excited to clean the yard and plant seeds in our garden. Instead of buying plants and flowers from our local nursery we are planting everything from tiny seeds, painting rocks and stones and decorating with shells and knick knacks. I guess were growing love.
Julia had a week off from school for spring break and I really wanted to take a trip somewhere warm. But money was tight and we found so many fun things to do in New York. We worked on art at home painting pictures about spring, we also visited the CMA (Children's Museum of Art) in Manhattan, visited the Staten Island Zoo, and went to Julia's favorite park Rockefeller Park near downtown Manhattan. So we had a very productive week and every night we fell fast asleep.

Julia's Spring Painting- Created withTempera Paints- we used Q tips and paintbrushes

Children's Museum Of Art

Our Flags
Made with Cardboard, Glue/Stapler, Different Colored Fabrics, Buttons, Sequins and Glue

 Positive and Negative Shapes & Printmaking with Rubberbands and Blue Ink

Fun At The Park

 Graffiti Art in The City

Happy Spring Everyone!

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