Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being Thankful

What I'm Thankful For

It's November and it's time to gear up for the winter, get organized and get cozy. I love the fall it's all about family and around this time of year I do alot of daydreaming. I'm thankful everyday but I think I do reflect more at this time. I'm so lucky to have found a job this year and not just any job but what I really enjoyed doing the most. It's so important to enjoy your work and to be inspired and inspire. I think the word "Inspire" is such a great word! It keeps you motivated, thinking positively and helps you to grow.

I'm thankful for all the people in my life who are always helping me and true friends. My little dogs to snuggle with, my home, nature, health, life and love. The seasons are changing and so are we. Always growing and learning.

And I'm so thankful to be a mom!

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