Sunday, November 15, 2009

Girl Scouts

Girls Love Glitter!

This is my daughter's first year in Girl Scouts and I volunteered to teach a small art class. The theme was Thanksgiving. And I had been working with contact paper during the week with my preschoolers in school. Previously that week we were making suncatchers and I thought it would be a great idea to make a Turkey suncatcher.

Turkey Suncatcher
-Contact paper, Turkey Cutouts, Construction paper, Googly eyes, Tissue paper( or feathers) felt and glitter.
I precut contact paper in rectangles and tape them down in place ( sticky side up). A made Turkey cutouts out of construction paper and had the girls place them in the center. What's great about the project is that there's really no need for glue, since the contact paper is sticky. But you may want to put a pea size amount on the goggly eye to keep in in place. They were free to decorate with tissue paper and they cut the turkey legs  out of orange felt. And at last they glittered away! I thought a small splash but these girls went glitter crazy. After a while these turkeys were looking very Glitterific!
It was alot of fun and I placed another contact over to seal the work. I had alot of fun!

The Preschoolers Loved It Too

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