Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November is for Inspiring Things

Things That MaKe Us Feel Good

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Inspired by the book
"Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Leo Lionni
I thought this book was really sweet. It was about two friends who are different, who become the same and at the end are loved for who they are. That's why I love children's books. They warm your heart and send a positive message.

-Blue and Yellow Paint, Tissue Paper
I read the book to the kids and had them paint with Blue and Yellow. They used their imagination and played with Blue and Yellow in their painting.

I thought this one was really cute! I asked her what was Blue doing? And she said, "The Daddy Blue stay's home with the kids.
Haha Aww so cute!

Being Bold!
- Construction paper, Scissors and Hands!
I taught the older kids a little bit about artist Henri Matisse a French painter who became very famous for using extraordinarily bold colors.
I had them choose two colors, make hand prints and decorate. A simple project but I wanted them to work with bold colors and learn about shape and design. Simple but fun.

It's Ok To Be Different

Inspired by the book "ELMER" by David Mckee
- Elephant cutouts, Tissue paper, Glue and Googly eyes

I love ELMER the elephant! He is fun, patient and different from the others. The world is always changing around us it's great to celebrate that we all our different.
 We read all about ELMER and his adventures and just had fun creating our own little elephants.

Modern Art
-Plastic Cups, Tempera paint and Brushes
We dipped our plastic cups in black paint and just painted inside of circles to make abstract paintings. I was really impressed they looked Great!

Up and Down and Round and Round
Building 3-D Collages
-Heavy stock Paper, Scissors and glue.
The kids cut strips of paper and built up.They had to choose two colors to work with and bend and shape their paper in different ways to make a sculpture. I shared some different ideas and ways to shape their scuplture. But they had some really good ideas of their own! This project could have easily stretched a week. A for awesome!

He insisted I take a picture of his cool 3-D Bird

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