Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy Days

The holidays are keeping me really busy. Seems like every which way I turn there's something to do. Lot's of rushing, cooking, planning, shopping and not enough sleep! I'm thankful for the snowy days, the cozy moments at home and warm hugs from my daughter and kids in my class. It helps you remember what is really important about the holiday season.

This month in December we worked on so many great projects. These are a few of my favorites.

Tissue Paper Ornaments
-Black construction paper, tissue paper, glue sticks, scissors and ribbon/ yarn.
You can find this project on TeachKidsArt: December 2009
I was amazed at how easy it was and I just loved watching the kids use the materials on their own. I gave them the idea but they added small things to their ornaments and had alot of fun. I did precut this. You fold your paper and make a stencil or frame and the kids glue tissue paper to the back. So easy and the finished product is so pretty. You can also hang these as suncatchers.

Another idea I had was to use contact paper. Have the kids make a Christmas collage with scraps or confetti.

Drawing Nutcrackers
-Large White Paper, Colored Pencils, Markers and Crayons.
Drawing Nutcrackers is really great for kids to practice on their drawing skills. At first they were really excited to see me bring in my nutcracker but were upset to have to draw one. I had the kids first fold their paper on half that was the middle ( the nutcrakers belt). And made it fun having them pick out all the different shapes they could find. We used lot's of squares and retangles to help and viola they were learning how to draw a nutcracker.

I found it interesting and really cute all the different types. We had an irish nutrcracker, police, clown and a princess nutcracker. The kids really used their imagination.

 Orange you glad it's December
- Large White Paper, Yellow, Red Or Orange Tempera Paint, Construction Paper and Paintbrushes.
I did a similar project with masking tape. This time I used construction paper. It's really simple. I had the kids paint there paper and keep adding layers of construction paper. I cut out squares and retangles in different colors. It was a process they painted and added layer orver layer. At the end they peeled their blocks away to see the imprint left.


So another way of making abstract paintings. The kids loved watching me pull the blocks of paper away they were really bright. It was really fun to work with orange in December.



  1. Love the tissue paper ornaments! Your snow pictures are great too. :)