Friday, December 4, 2009

Dont Forget About The Chalk

Playful Penguins
- Construction Paper, Labels, Anything White to Stick On- Like Cotton or Tissue Paper, Chalk, Googly Eyes, Glue and Glitter.
I found this project on preschool daze I'm a big fan and love their playful classroom. They did a project called I is for Igloo and tried it with my class.

 I precut igloos which was pretty easy you just have to play around a bit and sketch it out to get a good shape but it's pretty easy. The other thing that I did which was pretty cool is I measured how big the doorway was of the igloo. I knew that these igloos needed penguins but I wanted to think of a new and creative way to make them. I drew a penguin and divided the black from white.
So I basically made a puzzle piece. I wanted to keep their belly's white. So that the kids had the fun of decorating them with chalk and adding the eye. And when they were finished chalking I glued the second piece. I thought that I was pretty cool for a few days figuring that out. Haha. Dont worry my head is back to normal size.

The kids peeled lables, stuck cotton and cut tissue paper to get their igloo white. And of course they had a blast sprinkling snowy glitter on top.

Really pretty and these penguins have personality! I'm pretty sure I'll find some other's ways of using chalk this winter.

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