Thursday, December 31, 2009

Being Yourself

Inspired by the book A Bad Case Of Stripes
by David Shannon

The story of Camilla Cream is a really strange one. All of her friends in school hated lima beans and she wanted to fit in so she never ate them. Camilla was always worried about fitting in and what people thought of her. In fact, she gets so worried that she breaks out in a bad case of stripes!

I really love this book and remember reading it to my daughter. I read it to my class and the whole time their eyes grew bigger with excitment to see what would happen next. The colorful pictures in the book make it fun to read. It's great for imaginative thinking and teaching children that's it's ok to be yourself.

Crayon Resist Paintings
-White Paper, Crayons, Oil Pastels and Watercolors

After reading the book A Bad Case Of Stripes I asked my class to use their imagination and draw a picture about what they could possibly turn into if they had a bad case of stripes. I encouraged them to use lines, pocka dots and patterns. They drew in crayons and oil pastels. And then I had them paint freely with watercolors.

Leo turned into a strange planet

Allison broke out in pocka dots and attracted butterflies

Valerie drew flowers on her face

Oliver turned into a Green Monster because he loves to eat green beans.

And other pictures of a box headed girl and boy with a belly full of jelly beans.

Vibrant Portrait Painting
-Large White Paper, Pencils, Colored pencils, Crayons/ Oil Pastels and Watercolors

This was my last class before winter vacation. I wanted to have a free drawing class with a mix of everything we learned in last 4 months. I had them draw portraits of themselves or a classmate. And encouraged them to use the mirror in the room. We practiced drawing mouths, noses, eyes and tried to pay attention to detail.

This is an afterschool class ages 5-8. Some of the portraits are very detailed while others reminded me of artist Jean Micheal Baquiat.

Crayon Resist
I had them draw in pencils and colored pencils. Fill in with crayon and the option of finishing in watercolor.

This one is my favorite it reminded me of the artist Jean Micheal Basquiat

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