Sunday, November 8, 2009

More In September

Green Paintings
Inspired by Green. We used any green colored materials to make a collage of green
Green paint, yarn, ribbon, glitter and glue( we painted with feathers)

Learning about Van Gough
Creating paintings with dots of color - Children drew pictures with chalk then filled in with dots of color. Chalk, Q-tips, Paint and Paper

Paper cutouts, Yafi, Buttons, Crayons, Googly Eyes, Glue and Colored Felt.

Our Town Murals
In this class we spoke about where we live and what's around us everyday. And created a very colorful mural. Butcher paper, markers, crayons, scraps, magazines any mix media. Great group project!

My Bulletin Board
Fall Into Art. I was nervous this was my first bulletin in my new school and wanted to inspire and impress. I used the scarecrows my kids created and had a great idea to press real leaves on contact paper.

Woo Woo - Paper Towel Rolls, Egg Cartons, Feathers and Paint
This project was so much fun. I was wondering what to do with all my left over egg cartons and paper towel rolls. I found out that if you cut them they make great owl eyes.
I cut out the body of the owl out of paper bags almost the same shape a snowman. I had the kids paint the body yellow, orange or brown. Glue on or paint eyes and added feathers. * You can also use a real branch and glue it to the bottom to perch your owl on.

Fall Trees- Blow Art
The children cut out trees, pasted on paper then dropped a small amount of paint on the paper and used straws to blow the paint around. Just be careful for kids blowing to hard and getting dizzy remind them to be gentle.

Tissue Paper Leaves
Great project for fine motor skills. Children cut out leaves, used tissue paper and yarn to decorate.

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture
This project will have the teachers talking! I had a nice crowd watching this project. Usually the kids are little chatter boxes when working. But I was amazed at the silence in the room. They were so into and involved in this project. I brought styrofoam and cut it in squares for the base, pipe cleaners, pasta noodles, beads and cherrios. They created wired sculptures and loved this project so much they didn't want to leave. What was really great was that I asked each of them what their sculpture was and some answered, " A park in Brooklyn, my family, tinkerbell, ballet, trees and my house." So much fun!

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