Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Project For Mom

Homemade Ugly Dolls

This can be a really fun and easy project once you get the hang of it. Me and my daughter were making paper dolls out of felt paper one day and the next thing you know I realized I had made a homemade "Ugly Doll". I had a few more to show online but I've given them all away. All my family and friends are always asking me to make them. And the more I make the better I get!

It's pretty simple but you must be patient! I usually sit in bed and spend an hour a day on it. They usually take me 3 days for one because I'm sowing by hand but if you have a sewing machine you can probably get through this quickly.

- First cut a paper doll or you can be really creative. It can be an odd shape oval with arms, legs or alien looking ears. But you must cut the same exact body so cut 2 dolls.

-After cut 2 round eyes. I usually cut one bigger then the other to give it personality. You should have 4 eyes all together. Two for each doll.

- ( The eyes) I sow an X on one and sow a button on the other.
-( The mouth) I stitch a Frankenstein inspired mouth, I sow a long black line and after small vertical lines or you can make x's.

*You wanna sow from the other side of the felt so your knots or not seen.

-( The belly) stitch in colorful different size buttons or beads. You can make clothes, patches, go crazy if your having fun go for it. I've been cutting out letters to represent the kids name that I'm giving it to. ( This one below has an L for Logan.)

To finish sow together and but leave a small pocket to fill with doll filler. You can stuff it with anything soft. And I use a pencil or wooden dowel to push through the smaller areas.

Like I said Patience is key!! :)
It's basically sewing a two sided fabric doll or gingerbread man from scratch. What I love about this project is you can be as creative as you want to be and the more you make the better you get. And their great gifts. I've made 6 so far and think I've almost mastered it. Have Fun!

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