Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ending November With A Bang Of Bright Color!


This month has been really nice. Me and the kids have been working on so many different projects and I've grown really close with them. I can tell that their learning and having fun. I teach 3 classes a day, ages 3-7 and you really cant tell what age did which work. Their work is so amazing!! These kids are really talented and sweet.

 Making Prints With Watercolor
- Liquid Watercolors (or Reg Watercolors) & Masking Tape
We have been working on everything that has to do with fall, lot's of turkeys and what makes this month special. I wanted to end it with bright colors and just have some fun since it was my last class in November.

I had the children decorate their paper with masking tape. Some made trees, stars, snowflakes and abstract shapes. After they filled in the white spaces with paint and I carefully peeled the tape away. It left a really pretty print and the paints were bright and uplifting. A really fun and easy project. And we even had enough time to create a second.

The older children had a third process they made designs in their white spaces.

I loved this one



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